Lunch Menu

by admin, Monday December 5th, 2011

Lunch Menu Normal portion 4,50€ - Big 6€

  • Pad Thai4,50
    Fried rice noodle with chicken and tamarind sauce
  • Pad Pak4,50
    Wokked vegetables and tofu with miso
  • Yellow Curry4,50
    Curry with chicken, potatoes and coconut milk
  • Green Curry4,50
    Curry with chicken, aubergines and coconut milk
  • Red Curry4,50
    Curry with chicken, bamboo and coconut milk
  • Priew Wan Kai4,50
    Sweet and sour with chicken and vegetables
  • Spring Rolls3,25
    Home made with chicken and vegetables 3 pieces
  • Spring Rolls1,25
    Home made with chicken and vegetables 1 piece
  • Mini Spring Rolls3,00
    Vegetarian 6 pieces
  • Kai Kee Maow *** (Spicy)4,50
    Wokked chicken with Thai spices
  • Kai Pad Prik ** (Spicy)4,50
    Wokked chicken with sambal, bamboo, thai spices and vegetables
  • Thai jasmin rice1,50
    Extra portion
  • Extra sauce0,20

** 2 stars spicy
*** 3 stars spicy