by admin, Monday December 5th, 2011

Food is an essential part of our daily lives.

Often, sharing recipes with strangers can turn them into good friends. Thai House believes this, that’s why we offer to share our recipes with you as a gesture of goodwill. Hopefully this will promote a healthy lifestyle and be the beginning of a good friendship!

The recipes we present you are described step-by-step so that it’s easy, even for beginners to cook delicious Thai dishes. The recipes are authentic Thai as everything we do and sell in the Thai House.
For many years, Thai House has been improving and testing the recipes so that the authenticity is preserved and the essence of Thai style enhanced.

The food that is presented here is carefully selected by Mr. Sombat Tongboonwrowd of Thai House Workshop and a lot of care is done to make the recipes easy to follow.
Contact us to reserve your workshop with Mr. Sombat Tongboonrowd. For more information check out the practical information page.

We're not just a workshop...

The Thai House Empire also includes a restaurant, a snack bar, a shop, and a massage salon . Why not have a look at their pages to see what they have to offer?


About the Workshop

Come and learn how to cook delicious Thai food with Mr Sombat Tongboonrowd. All fresh Thai ingredients used for the workshop come directly from our own Thai supermarket next door.